Monday, August 2, 2010

Makena Summer 2010 update

Well Makena's vet is extremely impressed by her health and beauty. At 3 years, this girl weighs about 12 lbs. As a Balinese, she's extremely acrobatic -- she can easily jump 6 feet into the air, catch a fly, do a backward flip and land on all fours. Truly amazing to see.

After three years now on raw diet, Makena is proof positive that the natural evolutionary diet that felines were designed to eat is the best possible option. True, it takes a bit of effort for me to trek to the butcher every month and prepare her food, but the result is worth it.

She's a happy, healthy cat with absolutely no health problems. No parasites, no issues with salmonella. Of course, practising safe food handling is paramount.

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