Sunday, April 11, 2010

Makena in 2010

Makena is now almost 3 years old. Her birthday is May 15. We will be going for a vet check up soon to see the effects of three years of raw diet. She is healthy, happy and very eager, every morning, for me to open the screen balcony door so she can watch the birds and squirrels in the trees.


  1. Your kitty is positively stunning!!!!!
    Do you feed a commercial raw diet or do you create your own?

    Will you post an update following your vet visit?

    Thank you for such wonderful information.

  2. Shes beautiful CArol! It was a pleasure meeting you at woofstock yesterday, I enjoyed talking RAW with you. My husband Dave will be at our booth today, I should join him around 3ish. Have a great day,
    Caroline Bolduc
    Bold Canine Inc.

  3. This kitty seems to be very impressive.
    Thanks for sharing.