Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to Natural Cat Health for Feline Health and Happiness

Welcome to this site. I'm sure, having found your way here, that you are a cat lover like myself and want only the very best for your cats.

I've put together a collection of links, posts and photos that I thought other cat lovers would find helpful. I have two beautiful Siamese cats and want to ensure they live long and healthy lives. To that end, over the past year, I've done a lot of research about feline nutrition. This site will give me the opportunity to share that information with you.

http://www.catnutrition.org-- Learn how to properly feed a cat. Anne's site is thoughtful, provocative and educational. After finding this site I stopped feeding my cats commercial food.

http: www.felinespride.com

If you don't have the time to make your own cat food, or while you are getting together the supplements and supplies to do so, you can order some Feline's Pride, which is the same formulation. This is absolutely, positively, the very best raw food on the market for your cat -- I give it 5 stars.

- Dr. Lisa Pierson's site, another progressive vet who argues that cats need to eat a natural diet, with great pictures to show you how to do it

http://www.yourdiabeticcat.com/ -- I hope you never have to suffer through the stress of having a diabetic cat, but if you do, this is the very best place on the web to find help and support. Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins is a Feline Diabetes expert and her protocol is light years ahead of the thinking of conventional veterinarian practice. Most vets will tell you they will try to help you "manage" your cat: Dr. Hodgkins' protocol is based on getting your cat into remission. The most important factors? NO DRY FOOD, hometesting, correct insulin (PZI) and giving insulin based on a sliding scale.

You will also want to get a copy of Dr. Hodgkins' book: Your Cat: Simple New Secrets for a Longer Stronger Life, available from Amazon. If you want to know why no cat should ever eat ANY dry food get this book. Dr. Hodgkins recommends feeding all cats a natural all meat diet -- which is what she feeds her own cats as a breeder of beautiful Ocicats.

You will also want to read Dr. Hodgkins testimony at the April 12, 2007 Congressional Investigation. She was the only non-pet food company vet to provide testimony at this hearing.


Deconstructing the Regulatory Facade: Why Confused Consumers Feed their Pets Ring Dings and Krispy Kremes - If you still need convincing on why pet food is so bad for your pet's health, read this article. Warning: don't read this article after eating. http://leda.law.harvard.edu/leda/data/784/Patrick06.html

Here's one from a Canadian vet, Dr. Marion Smart: Pet Food and Nutrition: A Necessary Review for Veterinarians, M.E. Smart, C. Haggart, J.A. Mills


What's Eating Kitty? NOW magazine article:


And yet more evidence of why dry food is so bad for cats from a breeder and author of

Raising Cats Naturally -- Michelle Bernard - http://www.raisingcatsnaturally.com/



Mary Aspinwall Homeopath in Ireland
Homeopathy -- anyone can take the free course on this site and learn how to do first aid and preventative health care for your cat. I highly recommend homeopathy. It's safe, effective and inexpensive and will save you many costly and unnecessary vet bills.

Everyone should know how to take care of themselves (yes you can use these remedies for yourself too) and homeopathy is especially safe and helpful for our feline friends. You can use the free remedy finder below for diagnosis and identifying the correct remedy.


Want to do something about changing what our cats eat?

Check out: http://www.petfoodcampaign.blogspot.com/

Lots of fabulous links and articles. Get a binder and start printing these out for yourself and your friends. Feel free to share this information with all your friends and with any cat lover you meet.

It's important that we become educated on how to properly feed our beloved feline friends. For all the unconditional love and companionship they offer us, they deserve the very best food we can feed them for optimum health and nutrition. That food is raw diet -- chicken, duck, turkey, cornish hens -- or the special favourite -- rabbit.

I can only highly recommend raw diet -- my cats love Feline's Pride but I also make my own. Just find a local butcher who can grind up a whole chicken, turkey or rabbit for you -- tell them to put it through the grinder twice. Mix up and add the supplements, portion into glass mason jars, into the freezer and that's it! It takes me less than an hour every 6 weeks or so to make my own cats' food.

Not only are they getting the very best diet but I know exactly what is in it. It's pretty easy to make your own food at home. The investment in time and effort you make on this front will pay off in big dividends. Your cats will love you for it and you will ultimately save on needless health problems and trips to the vet.